Uplevel Your Bodywork Practice, Work with Confidence, Transform Lives

Elevate your game with cutting-edge bodywork strategies. Master skills that ensure standout client outcomes and set you apart. See your practice thrive as your professional value and increase earning potential.

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NCSI offers the ability to advance your bodywork skills to the next level. We teach advanced bodywork techniques that blend a whole-body focus with joint-specific techniques. This modality has been named “Structural Integration”. 

Structural Integration can be a profound manual therapy skillset that transforms one’s way of being. Using the skills taught through this program you will enhance your ability to better assess clients and gain a better understanding of how to connect them to gravity. 

Connect them to gravity? Yes! Gravity can be a positive or negative force through one’s frame.

Learn how to treat the source of client issues

Many times our clients will return to us with the same issues over and over again which can be frustrating for us and our clients. This program was developed to help you avoid treating the symptoms and find the source of these issues.

One of the unique components of Structural Integration is that we ask the client to participate in their healing. Through…

Guided movement



Ergonomic instruction, and


…the client is allowed to take ownership of their health. That is where true healing is found!

Receive bodywork training that combines several methodologies into an advanced platform for client success

The foundation of this training is based on Dr Ida P. Rolf’s traditional 10-session series which gives a systematic approach to unwinding the fascial system of our bodies and then integrating it back together in a way that allows gravity to better serve us.

“Awareness makes the change.”

– Ed Maupin

North Carolina School of Structural Integration has combined (and is inspired by):

Systematic fascial bodywork developed by Dr Ida P. Rolf

Verbal Dialogue of Joseph Heller (Hellerwork)

Functional Patterning of Naudi Aguilar

Structural Analysis of Pete Egosque (and others)

Fascial mapping of Thomas Myers

Self Awareness of Ed Maupin

Joint-specific osteopathic methods developed by Andrew Taylor Still

PNF of Dr. Herman Kabat

And many, many more…all in one program!

“Up the front, down the back, horizontalize the pelvis.”

– Ida Rolf


What our previous students say

This program taught me how to assess and remove the root causes of pain and offer results that lasted months instead of days.


My journey to becoming a healer with amazingly consistent results began when I signed up for their course.


Whether balancing the sacrum, mobilizing rib facts, or stacking the spine, your results will switch from, ‘trying my best’ to ‘making it happen’, in minutes instead of months.