About NC Structural Integrators

Mission Statement

“To empower bodywork professionals with advanced Structural Integration techniques as taught by Ida Rolf, fostering transformative healing practices that enhance client well-being and professional success.”

Vision Statement

“To be a beacon for excellence in bodywork education, where practitioners from around the globe come to elevate their skills, achieve unparalleled client outcomes, and lead the evolution of holistic health practices.”

Our Values

Excellence: We commit to the highest standards of education and practice in Structural Integration.

Innovation: Continuously advancing our curriculum to incorporate the latest in bodywork science and techniques.

Integrity: Upholding ethical practices, transparency, and honesty in all aspects of our operations.

Community: Building a supportive network of professionals dedicated to mutual growth and the advancement of holistic health.

Empowerment: Equipping our students with not just skills, but the confidence to transform lives and succeed in their careers.

Meet Your Instructors

Ken Smith

I began my journey in the world of Structural Integration following a severe back injury during my service as a Paramedic/LVN in the US Air Force.

The transformation I experienced through Structural Integration, guided by a mentor who was both a Physical Therapist and a Rolf Structural Integrator, was profound. This led me to dedicate over 24 years to mastering this field, blending clinical experience with education from leading experts.

Today, I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge, helping others overcome physical limitations, and achieving a fulfilling career marked by continuous learning and genuine client success stories.

David Phillips

Greetings fellow manual therapists! My name is David Phillips. You are on this page, most likely, because you want to know about me, why I do this, and how I can help you. Let’s make it short and sweet!

What I love! 

  • My family and friends 
  • Learning about the body and all of its wild mysteries!
  • Wine and food

How did I get here?

Great question! It all started in massage school way back in 2002 (No, I don’t feel old). 

Soon after, I trained with the illustrious Tom Myers and became ATSI certified in 2007. 

What’s next you ask? Degrees! Don’t ask me why.

  • Bachelors in Alternative Medicine (2011)
  • Masters in Kinesiology from A.T. Still University (2014)

I had a really dope experience training with Dr. Toko Nguyen from the Institute of Athletic Regeneration (2017-2019): Athletic manual therapy certified baby!

Trained with Greg Roskopf and his illusive MAT therapy (2020-2021).

I’m currently training with the mad scientist of human potential, Dr. Guy Voyer, the French osteopath whose work will take years to be fully recognized.

Other wonderful teachers I’ve trained with over the years: Dr. Eric Cobb and his Z-health program, Dr. Spina and his FRC program, Dr, Zac Couples and his human matrix training.

In a nutshell, I have been blessed with some amazing teachers! I am excited to pass all my blessings on to you. I can’t wait for us to collaborate together, either on the table or in the classroom.